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At The Ikigai Retreat, we prioritize creating an exclusive and intimate environment for our participants. With a limited availability of only 8 spots, we aim to foster deep connections and a harmonious group dynamic.

By carefully curating a smaller group, we ensure individual attention, personalized guidance, and a supportive atmosphere where everyone's journey can thrive. Our intention is to bring together like-minded individuals who share a commitment to personal growth, mindfulness, and cultural exploration.

We kindly ask for your understanding as we strive to create a retreat experience that allows participants to fully engage, connect authentically, and receive focused facilitation. If you resonate with our values and seek a transformative retreat with a close-knit community, we invite you to secure one of the limited spots available.

Join us for an exclusive and enriching retreat where you can connect deeply with fellow participants, explore your inner self, and embark on a journey of purpose and fulfillment. Reserve your place among a select few ready to embrace this transformative experience.



join together as a dynamic group willing to be vulnerable and authentic with one another.



of exploration, introspection, reflection, and discovery.


Seasoned Facilitators

ensure a smooth journey both physcially and mentally in Japan.