Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, and cultural immersion? The Ikigai Retreat is designed for individuals who are seeking a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional getaways. This retreat is tailor-made for:

  • Who is the ideal participant for The Ikigai Retreat?
    The Ikigai Retreat is ideal for individuals seeking purpose, self-discovery, and personal growth. Whether you're a digital nomad, entrepreneur, or simply someone longing for a transformative journey, this retreat is for you.
  • Is previous experience with mindfulness or meditation required?
    No previous experience is necessary. Our expert facilitators will guide you through mindfulness exercises, making the journey accessible to all participants.
  • How will the retreat address different individual needs?
    The Ikigai Retreat is designed to offer a personalized experience. Our facilitators take the time to understand each participant's goals and aspirations, ensuring that the journey meets individual needs.
  • Will there be free time for exploration during the retreat?
    Absolutely! While The Ikigai Retreat is a structured experience, we believe in the importance of free time for reflection and exploration. We'll provide opportunities to discover local sights and experiences.
  • What makes The Ikigai Retreat unique?
    The Ikigai Retreat blends cultural immersion, mindfulness, and the 'Ikigai' framework in a holistic and transformative way. Our intimate group setting allows for personalized attention and deep connections.